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Company information
Broker name business_center CFDStocks
Logotype CFDStocks - binary options broker
Official site web
Company name Pacific Sunrise LTD
Country of registration   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Head office address roomSuite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O. Box 1510. Beachmont Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Foundation year 2016
Licenses (Regulation) indeterminate_check_box not available
Trading platform information
Type of the trading platform SpotOption
Languages of the trading platform
Operating Systems Compatibility Windows, Mac, Web, Android
Mobile applications  android market
Trade Types
  • swap_vertical_circle Higher/Lower
  • swap_vertical_circle Turbo
  • swap_vertical_circle Ladder
  • swap_vertical_circle One touch
  • swap_vertical_circle Pairs
  • swap_vertical_circle FX/CFD
  • swap_vertical_circle Longterm
  • swap_vertical_circle Follow the Spot
Assets 81
Customer support chat check_box available
Line phone support
  • phone  +6499508860
  • phone  +4763000937
  • phone  +4402038072167
  • phone  +4402038072169
  • phone  +43720775905
  • phone  +61390212441
Support Email
Information on the trading account
Minimum deposit monetization_on $250
Minimum bid casino $5
Maximum bid casinocasinocasino $3000
Minimum payout ratios per trade 60%
Maximum payout ratios per trade 85%
Highly profitable option check_box available
Returns indeterminate_check_box not available
Early closure of the trade check_box available
Demo account indeterminate_check_box not available
No deposit bonus indeterminate_check_box not available
Welcome bonus indeterminate_check_box not available
Signals indeterminate_check_box not available
Robot (Autotrading) indeterminate_check_box not available
Education indeterminate_check_box not available
Tournaments indeterminate_check_box not available
PAMM account (trust management) indeterminate_check_box not available
Withdrawal and deposit methods
Minimum amount for a withdrawal input $100
Fee for a withdrawal indeterminate_check_box not available
Terms of a withdrawal schedule up to 7 working days
Islamic account indeterminate_check_box not available
Register trading account not_interested Warning! Binary options broker CFDStocks is in the blacklist!
Affiliate program indeterminate_check_box not available
Binary options broker CFDStocks

This table contains all the main parameters of CFDStocks binary options broker. Parameters include information about a company, which represents the interests of the dealing center, a presence of licenses and certificates, a foundation year. The table contains data on trading platform: what type of platform does CFDStocks provide to trade binary options and what languages are supported. Information on the trading account shows the main trading conditions of a broker, as well as ways to deposit and withdraw money.

done_all Trusted brokers:

Broker Min. deposit Min. stake Open account
$10$1 Open account!
$5$1 Open account!
$10$1 Open account!
$1$1 Open account!
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23 комментария

  1. CFdStocks is financial SCAM.

    • Hello John , My name is Tracy I am from South Africa and I trade will a broker named Rob Mason that lives in London and works for CFDStocks.

      So far I have invested 250 (3,600.79 rand ) and got back around 300 (5,090.00 rand) on my visa card of profits . I am very happy with my activity and seeing cash with my own eyes but alarmed to read you review.

      Can you contact me by email and tell me more about your expense with them?
      My email is : princesstracy1972 @ gmail com

      Thank you in advance.

      • Frank Malloy

        Hi I don’t want to open a can of worms,but I never had an account with CFD Stocks,I was getting response from them whenever I traded on my other accounts and was not sure from whom this was coming.( Tracy you were lucky I never made any profit,South African too.)
        I then went into their website and used AA Options log in details,Jackpot.Since AA Option is no longer,maybe one of these guys broke away and formed CFD Stocks and with «new management»maybe not as bad as AA Option.AA Option would not give my money back as they claimed that I needed to reach a certain amounts of trades before I can withdraw any money.My reason for withdrawing was I was left on my own and my accounr manager refused to handle my account as he wanted me to add another $2000 to 3000 into my accouint,which I didn’t have.

      • Hi Tracey,

        Elton here, I have just signed up with CFDStocks and am yet to fund my account. Please could you let me know if they are legit as I am with another broker that caught me by giving me a bonus and now I can’t withdraw until I reach $ 40 000.
        I also live in SA

        • Hello,

          CFDStocks is definitely a SCAM. The do not have a finance licence to operate in the UK.

          • Harald Kuhnt

            Warning» before CFDStocks from London.
            A Mr. Alex Wolf is the first appealing, from about 50,000, — € credit, then a Mr. Gerd Reed comes on and then draws further money from the purse.
            Promises of 40,000, — € to 04.07. 2017 was made. But then the company does not want to pay because a bonus is only to be repaid. So again 39,000, — € and then the total money is to be paid out. Why do not you deduct it from the 245,000, — €. I call it fraud !!!!!

        • CFDstocks is 100% SCAM. YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY.

      • you lied, one needs to wait 10 days for documents registration and money retutn plus one month after initial payment to get money back

  2. These guys a total bulshitters..when they wanted me to deposit money..they would call me every day..and even spoke to a manager who was a total ego maniac and only tried to sell how great a trader he is..rather than even trying to find out what I crap way of selling blowing smoke up his own ass. initial deposit was 250,. And they traded on my behalf without my permission..and made 60, so I wanted to withdraw the money as I didn’t want to take with them..OMG..they have been a nightmare to deal with..for the withdrawal..I don’t believe I will ever get my money back..I spoke to one customer service girl..and she was the mode rude human ever..she must really hate her job there…please stay away from these guys….

  3. These are crooked people. They talk like street fighters language. When you are investing they talk nice words. Just say ‘you are not interested’ they will show their real face and hang up on your face.

  4. Please stay away from these fucking crooks,I have a terrible experience dealing with these bastards.Initially they offered me to deposit the money and documents.I deposit 350$ and after that the same guys «Hugo reyes» was telling me now you have to take insurance to secure your money.For that you need to have a deposit of 500$ more. When i said i will not deposit more money ,he said don’t bother me again then if you don’t want to deposit more money ,i am saying just to secure your money.

    What the fuck asshole who are you to tell me how i have to secure my money, i already did a mistake while dealing with you guys that the biggest mistake and after that you want me to make my life worst.
    Then after sometime other guy called me and gave me another promotion and trying to console me that i can understand that guy behave badly with you and he should not be like this.

    And when i said to this new guy»Gabriel Grayson» i want to withdraw my money,he also started shouting ,i am not the guy ,you can not withdraw your money,don’t waste my time and he disconnet the phone.

    Sounds like Wooowww.It seems like i asked them for their money .I never had this kind of experience in my life .

    I hope after reading this you guys will not deal with these fucking robbers.

  5. Cristy Galicia

    Buenos sus servicios..

  6. can anyone advise how to have my deposit refunded from these guys
    i was misled into investing with them via ORION inusa who promised very healthy returns
    however when i attempted to sign up with orion i was shifted to cfdstocks who asked for my $us250 deposit
    since then i have been constantly called by so called senior advisors who claimed that they were cancelling relations with orion as they could not be trusted and i now have to deal with cfd
    i asked for refund but each time i was rudley told that they were not there to handle refunds and always hung up
    i have tried many emails and chat lines buy was told no refunds till a number(unspecified ) deposits and trades were completed .
    these are the most disrespectful and totally unhelpful people i have ever experienced in 40 years business
    are there any authorities who can be approached to bring these rotten people into line
    what a buch of crooks

    • Hallo, ich kann mich nur allen Vorschreibern anschließen. Hier wird massiv betrogen und belogen. Wer hier Geld einzahlt wird es nie wieder sehen. Bei mir hat sich jetzt ein Professor Schulte gemeldet der angeblich der Chef vom Unternehmen ist und der versprach mir mein Geld auszuzahlen. Aber genau wie bei Frau Cathrin Berg, Frau Natalia Schuster oder jetzt Herr Professor Florian Schulte tut sich wieder nichts. Es wurden mir sogar 2500 € ohne Zustimmung vom Kartenkonto abgebucht. Ich stelle jetzt Strafanzeige, auch wenn ich wenig hoffnung auf Erfolg sehe. Sitz ist ja nich England sondern Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

      • Würde mich der Strafanzeige gern anschließen, alles Betrüger und Abzocker.
        Kannst mich unter folgender Mail erreichen WeTo-Bautechnik posteo de
        MfG Werner

  7. Do not do it. I have invested with CFD Stocks, I have had winning trades have built a profit, but they will not pay out the withdrawal applications I have made, In my time with them i have found them unregulated, and unprofession, or should I say Professional Scam Artists, do not invest with them, you will not see any return. time and time again I have asked for a withdrawal, And all i get is excuses excuses. Sad but True. Andrew Wilson.
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  8. Dont touch this firm, they promise you great returns but when they lose they ask you for more money and promise you they will get all your money back and more, my dad invested all his saving and they lost the lot biggest scam scum

  9. Scam artist is not the word. they thieves

  10. They have changed their phone number in the UK
    020 33322930 this is their new number in the UK.

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