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Company information
Broker name business_center FinMax
Logotype FinMax - binary options broker
Official site web //
Company name IK Partners Ltd
Country of registration   Dominica
Head office address roomCorner of Great Marlborough & Great George st Roseau Dominica, 00152
Foundation year 2015
Licenses (Regulation)
Trading platform information
Type of the trading platform TradeSmarter
Languages of the trading platform
Operating Systems Compatibility Windows, Mac, Web
Mobile applications indeterminate_check_box not available
Trade Types
  • swap_vertical_circle Higher/Lower
Assets 76
Customer support chat check_box available
Line phone support
  • phone  +74997031756
  • phone  +77273495228
  • phone  +380443922170
  • phone  +442038685758
  • phone  +35928057131
  • phone  +35722008852
  • phone  +61285994406
  • phone  +14378893209
Support Email
Information on the trading account
Minimum deposit monetization_on $250
Minimum bid casino $5
Maximum bid casinocasinocasino $2000
Minimum payout ratios per trade 70%
Maximum payout ratios per trade 90%
Highly profitable option indeterminate_check_box not available
Returns indeterminate_check_box not available
Early closure of the trade indeterminate_check_box not available
Demo account Open a demo accountsend
No deposit bonus indeterminate_check_box not available
Welcome bonus Get welcome bonussend
Signals Get trading signalssend
Robot (Autotrading) indeterminate_check_box not available
Education Start educationsend
Tournaments indeterminate_check_box not available
PAMM account (trust management) indeterminate_check_box not available
Withdrawal and deposit methods
Minimum amount for a withdrawal input $0
Fee for a withdrawal indeterminate_check_box not available
Terms of a withdrawal schedule up to 5 working days
Islamic account indeterminate_check_box not available
Register trading account Open account with FinMaxsend
Affiliate program check_box available
Binary options broker FinMax

This table contains all the main parameters of FinMax binary options broker. Parameters include information about a company, which represents the interests of the dealing center, a presence of licenses and certificates, a foundation year. The table contains data on trading platform: what type of platform does FinMax provide to trade binary options and what languages are supported. Information on the trading account shows the main trading conditions of a broker, as well as ways to deposit and withdraw money.

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Broker Min. deposit Min. stake Open account
$10$1 Open account!
$5$1 Open account!
$10$1 Open account!
$1$1 Open account!
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54 комментария

  1. This broker is DEFININELY not a sca(u)m.
    I have to admit, that finally i manage to find MY broker, which is honest and clear.
    Finmax’s platform would really be transparent, simple, and easy to administer.

    • Thats right.
      In my life i always prefer to collaborate with people and companies, which hold their words. Finmax always fulfill their promises

  2. I Decided to put 1000$ for start. Received traiding signals from finmax, which helped me to double my depo.
    Thanks. I love this broker!

  3. Extremelly good and modern trading software!
    You feel satisfaction and pleasure when youre traiding on finmax.
    By the way, i made 1k only from free signals for newcomers.

    • Aggree. I used tro trade on 24, and i must say that the bugs on its platform really pissed me off.
      Then i decided to work only with finmax.

      • I did the same thing. By the way, finmax is the only place, where im absolutelly sure, than nobody steal my money from my account or card.

  4. Can anyone tell me are there any problems you collide with when youre withdrawing your money from Finmax?

    • I cashed out four time from finmax. I got a little one day-delay during the first one. That was my fault — i didnt verificate my account.
      So, i higly recommend to all traiders to fullfill the verification from start. In this case, you won’t have any withdraw problems.

    • Hello. Two days ago ive ordered a cashout from my Finmax account. The sum in near 4 thousand bukses, and im still waiting on my money…If they won’t come on my wallet untill tomorrow, i ll start to suspect smth…

      • Hello again! I want to declare that my suspictions were absolutely groundless. I ve successfully received my money on a forth day.
        By the way since that time i ve been withdrawing couple of times. Everything went well and smoothly.

        • Congrats! So can you tell us the amount that you received from Finmax, please? Or its a confidential info?
          There are brokers which do not hurry to give your money to you in case the number is too large.

          • Greetings! Since that time i have cashouted a lot of credits from finmax. Some of numbers were really big (near 20000$ ). two-three days, not later.

    • The only problem you could find during receiving your cash from Finmax is a little delay in case you didnt close your verification procudere from start.

    • Me not. Ireally like finmax because they do what they are saying, they hold their word.
      Also want to declare that this broker got the best training articles and videos.

    • 2-3 days. Verification is simple and fast. But you need to run it at the beginning of registration to avoid future delays with cashouts.
      My summary income during this year is more than 50000 dollars.
      Im going to connect CFD trading in nearest future also.

  5. I put 350 dollars one year ago on my account on Finmax. And that was my first and the last depo.
    From that time I ve been cashouting every month not less than 1000 bukses. I really love this broker!

  6. Usually I prefer to use social radar for trading on finmax. Noticed that my incomes from radar are higher than from direct trading.

  7. I want to join to good vews concerning Finmax. I was cheated by my last broker. And finmax was my only hope, that trusty brokers are realy exist in the internet. Im very glad that my expectations were meeted. So far i managed to earn near 10000 from trading.

    • Me too! Agree for 100 percent with Glen’s commentary. But so far my earning numbers are a little more lower but i hope to increase them in nearest future.

      • With some practice and research, you’ll also start earning more trading binary options. Finmax has guides to learn from and there are also lots of tutorials on Youtube.

  8. Only pluses, no minuses finded in finmax for this moment. Thus ive erased all my accounts from all brokers exept this one.

  9. Does Anyone use social trading on finmax? Wanna try. By this moment i ve been trading only using my own skills)

    • The social trading on Finmax is great! Generally speaking, most people earn more through it. Try it out for a while then see which works best with you

  10. Social radar is my deal! I feel myself lake a big investor choosing the right broker who makes money for me)).

  11. And also i want to admit that finmax gives a bonus to your depo — i received additional 500$ to my 1000. You have to correct information in this review …

  12. Tried out Finmax’s demo account and it went great! Never new that binary options would be so easy with Finmax

  13. Finmax is not complicated at all to learn. It makes binary options much more fun and easier. Plus, it has a very helpful community and support system that answers your questions promptly.

  14. Everything about Finmax is perfection, especially the Risk-Free feature, where you can buy your first binary options contract without risking your money. that means, if the deal fails, Finmax returns the investment back into your account as a bonus.

  15. Finmax is a generous trading platform. It gives traders different trading tools and education to guarantee success. Their regular webinar by seasoned traders is very valuable for traders as you learn different trading strategies.

  16. Finmax gives marketing strategies and a number of YouTube videos that have tips to trade successfully. This helped me a lot with my trading

  17. Finmax Academy is the trader’s secret weapon in the platform because it contains all the tools and strategies that lead to success. If you don’t know how to use them, there is an assigned mentor to guide you every step of the way.

  18. Got 3 wins and 1 loss this week on Finmax and gained $5K. Just follow the trading signals, choose your stop-loss (it’s automatic and not complicated at all) and wait. This makes Finmax a great platform

    • Do you always get your profits? How long does it take for them to deposit it into your account? Apologies for having a lot of questions because the previous platform I used took a long time to give me my money.

      • Hi there Kevin,
        Saw your comment and can’t help but answer. It usually takes 48 hours for your withdrawal to get into your account. But the first time might take longer than that because they have to verify your identity first to make sure it’s you and your account. Been with Finmax for almost a year and had no problems with my withdrawals. Hope that covers your question.

  19. Thanks to finmax and my personal analityk i managed to solve all my money problems.
    Some users complain about small variety of options types but i think you really need only one of them to make money).

  20. Finmax mobile for iOS and Android lets you trade anytime, anywhere — how convenient is that?

  21. Finmax customer service support is amazing. I have a question about my withdrawal, they answered immediately and courteously. Good job Finmax!

  22. Heard a lot of good reviews about Finmax. Can anyone give me more information how to start an account on the platform?

    • Hi Henry,
      You can go to their website or click the link above. There are 4 account types on Finmax — bronze, silver, gold, platinum. You can choose from the four how much investment you want. You can use different deposit and withdrawal methods. Best of luck.

    • Hi Henry,
      You can also check their website for more info about the types of account.
      Happy trading!

  23. Hi everyone, I’m a Finmax trader here but I’d like to know which tools on Finmax are the most helpful to you? Mine is definitely the Social Radar app — it helped me make winning decisions.

  24. Would like to ask any traders here on Finmax how many valid signals you have every day per asset.

  25. I am a trader on Finmax. I had no previous knowledge of the markets. But Finmax support was really helpful. They have regular webinars which you can access on YouTube. They also give you a lot of tools and trading advice. The platform is also easy-to-understand so that’s a plus. Guess I got lucky.

  26. Guys, how much should i put on my finmax’ wallet from start if i am absolutely unexperienced trader. Honestly, only couple a days ago heard about Bo for a first time///

  27. Glen, 100 would be enough if you are novice. But in case you got some exp and want to become a pro with great incomes in future then i recommend to put 1000 and obtain silver account/

  28. I also fell victim to this scam broker. They kept on asking me to deposit more money. Then they stopped picking up my calls! After loosing more money to lawyers and what not, I was finally able to recover my money with the help of a professional. Lesson learn’t! I’m happy to share my experience. Feel free to reach me on tgermaine173 at gmaiI dot com

  29. The broker Expertoption really pleased me. Usually from such companies you expect a slightly different result, but here everything turned out quite well, which really pleased me.

  30. I really liked the Expertoption broker. Without any problems, I was able to earn good money with him, which can not but rejoice.

  31. Good day to you all, Finally I have gotten back all my lost fund and bonus from CFD stocks. They stocked all my trading capital and deprived me access into my account for over two months now after I’ve invested $70,000 with them. Thought I was not gonna see this day, but as God may have it, today I’ve got back all my money back for real. I will forever remain grateful to God. If you’ve been locked out from logging into your binary option trading account or you are unable to make withdrawal from your broker account, maybe because your broker manager is asking you to make more deposit before you cant place a withdrawal and you need my assistance, kindly get in contact with me, and I will guide you on steps to take to regain access to your account, make withdrawal freely and easy, as well as recover all your lost funds in reality…

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